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The site wishes to support the Kanien'kéha language and the Kanien'kehá:ka nation and  culture. The slideshow depicts, in order, a flint point, since Kanien’kehá:ka means "People of the Flint Land" and four Kanien’kehá:ka clans, Oskenón:ton ’Deer’, A'nó:wara ’Turtle’, Ohkwá:ri  ’Bear’ and Tawístawis ’Snipe’. The Thanksgiving Address below is known as "The Words that Come Before All Else."


Ohénton Karihwatéhkwen


Ó:nen ká:ti ska’nikón:ra tewá:ton táhnon teiethinonhwará:ton ne: Onkweshón:’a, Ionkhi’nisténha Ohóntsia, Ohneka’shón:’a, Kentsionhshón:’a, Ohonte’shón:’a, Ononhkwa’shón:’á, Ohtehra’shón:’a, Kaienthóhsera, Kahih’shón:’a, Otsinonwa’shón:’a, Kontirío, Okwire’shón:’a, Otsi’ten’okón:’a, Iethihsothokón:’a Ratiwé:ras, Kaiéri Nikawerá:ke, Eh Tshitewahtsi:’a Kiohkenékha Karáhkwa, Ionkhihsótha Ahshonthenhnékha Karáhkwa, Otsistohkwa’shón:’a, Kaié:ri Niionkwé:take, Shonkwaia’tison.


’Thanksgiving Address


Now we put our minds together as one and we shall greet them: People, Mother Earth, Waters, Fishes, Grasses, Medicines, Roots, Food, Fruits, Insects, Animals, Trees, Birds, Thunder, the Four Winds, the Sun, Grandmother Moon, the Stars, the Four Beings, the Creator.’




I was inspired by a Kanien’kehá:ka video which advised "just do it, because nobody else will." I apologize for the many imperfections of the site, and for any offense I give through them and through my opinions. I hope the viewer will see that I mean well, and think that the site, on balance, does support the Kanien’kéha language and the Kanien’keháka nation and culture. I hope to have time to greatly improve the site in the future with the aid of feedback.


"’Mohawk" is a libellous term for the Kanien’kehá:ka created by their historical enemies. I include it since it unfortunately is the name by which most people know them.





Kanien’kehá:ka ’People of the Flint’


A'nó:wara ’Turtle’


Oskenón:ton ’Deer’


Ohkwá:ri ’Bear’

Gallinago_stenura_-_Laem_Pak_Bia - Copy.jpg

Tawístawis ’Snipe’


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