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Any search for Kanien'kéha (the language) Kanien'kehá:ka (the people) Mohawk (the calumny by which the Kanien'kehá:ka are commonly known), or some combination of them or their unaccented variants will provide a variety of links.


My favorite linking page is It provides, for me, the right amount of material with each link to best enable learning, even if it is slanted too much for my taste towards a video game.


Kanien'kéha language resources, most taken from Wikipedia ( I added my links 1/12/2015


Six Nations Polytechnic in Ohsweken, Ontario, offers Ogwehoweh language Diploma and Degree Programs in Mohawk or Cayuga.

Resources are available for self-study of Mohawk by a person with no or limited access to native speakers of Mohawk. Here is a collection of some resources currently available:

  • Talk Mohawk, an iPhone app and Android app, includes words, phrases, and the Thanksgiving Address from Monica Peters and updated for 2014 through 

  • Rosetta Stone levels 1 and 2 (CD-ROM) edited by Frank and Carolee Jacobs and produced by the Kanien’kehá:ka Onkwawén:na Raotitióhkwa Language and Cultural Center at Kahnawà:ke (secondary/high school level)

  • David Kanatawakhon Maracle, Let's Speak Mohawk/Kanyen'keha Tewatati CDs & Book ISBN 0-88432-723-X (book and 3 companion tapes are available from Audio Forum) (high school/college level) 

  • David Kanatawakhon Maracle One Thousand Useful Mohawk Words 

  • Nancy Bonvillain, A Grammar of Akwesasne Mohawk (professional level)

  • Nancy Bonvillain and Beatrice Francis, Mohawk-English, English-Mohawk Dictionary, 1971, University of the State of New York in Albany (word lists, by category)

  • Chris W. Harvey, Sathahitáhkhe' Kanien'kéha (Introductory Level Mohawk Language Textbook, Eastern Dialect), ISBN 0-9683814-2-1 (high school/college level)

  • Josephine S. Horne, Kanien'kéha Iakorihonnién:nis (book and 5 companion CDs are available from Kahnawà:ke Cultural Center) (secondary/high school level)

  • Nora Deering & Helga Harries Delisle, Mohawk: A Teaching Grammar (book and 6 companion tapes are available from Kahnawà:ke Cultural Center) (high school/college level)

  • Herman Meyndertsz van Bogaert and Nicolaes van Wassenauer and Johannes Megapolensis, Early Vocabularies of Mohawk Note: Early Vocabularies is of historic interest, It will probably not help Kanien'kéha language learners.)





Oskenón:ton ’Deer’



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